Alun Ebenezer

Alun Ebenezer is the CEO/Executive Headmaster, and previously founding Headmaster, of The Fulham Boys School (FBS). Together with the Founders, he set up FBS from scratch.  


All told,  Alun has over 23 years’ experience gained in five secondary schools, including 13 years at senior leadership level. He has taught in tough inner city schools, deprived valley schools, a Haberdasher school, outstanding schools, single sex schools and co-ed schools. He has a proven track record of raising standards and school improvement, and has consistently delivered results. At Treorchy Comprehensive School he played a leading role in the school achieving 15 out of 15 excellent grades in an ESTYN inspection -  the first school in Wales to achieve this.

He is experienced in leading INSET and speaks extensively at schools, churches, universities and conferences. He has written three books and articles for The Times, Evening Standard, Daily Mail, Express, Daily Telegraph and the Times Educational Supplement, as well as Evangelicals Now, Evangelical Times, Evangelical Magazine and the Banner of Truth. He writes a regular Headmaster's blog and has featured on ITV, the BBC News several times, and the  Radio 4 Analysis programme about ‘the problem with boys’

The Problem with Boys

By almost any measure of school related performance girls do better than boys. Fewer boys are going to university. Why is this happening and what can be done about it?

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Free schools: 'good' isn't good enough

Hot on the heels of Trojan Horses and schools’ accountability, we’re starting to see the annual summer spate of free school projects being pulled, or deferred, at the eleventh hour.

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Pupils must be free to question everything

As headmaster of The Fulham Boys School, a Church of England free school in West London, I heartily agree that such extremists should be tackled. However, I have no time for a muscular liberalism that appears to be holding the megaphone on social media.

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Calls for students to repeat year instead of trying to ‘patch up’ education

Alun Ebenezer, head of Fulham Boys School, admitted that keeping every year group back for a year would be “strewn with problems” but said: “Instead of patching things up, we could use the year to consolidate what’s been covered, plug gaps that have grown (maybe over years), have more time to learn content that needs to be taught and send pupils to the next stage (secondary school, GCSE, A-level, university, world of work) with solid foundations in place.”

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‘Imperative’ that tests go ahead this summer

Last term exams were cancelled and grades were given out based on teacher assessments of pupil performance. But this year’s exam cohort — pupils in years 11 and 13 — have had fewer chances to demonstrate their knowledge because they were out of school for so long during the previous lockdown.

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Teachers and heads agree: we cannot wait to see our pupils again

“Boys will have to stay in their year group bubbles. That’s really the main change we are making, along with things like extra hand sanitiser and boys wiping down equipment and library books. If we staggered our start times the boys would just hang around outside school until it was time for them to come in. For us we are definitely taking it as business as normal as far as possible. The kindest thing you can do is get back to normal for the students.

We are following government guidelines but we have not gone to the letter because they are guidelines — it says throughout ‘where possible’ you should do this and ‘where you can’ you should do that. There has to be an element of common sense.”

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‘Vaccinate teachers as priority so that schools can reopen’

 “We should get all pupils back into school as soon as possible. If we don’t, the long term ramifications for this generation will be massive. I appreciate we need to do this as safely as possible so teachers need to be the top priority for vaccination, and the Government should throw all they can at this to make it happen.”

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Headteachers defy teaching unions to say all children should be allowed back into school at same time

“There is a risk in them all coming back to school, but an even greater one in them not coming back.

“Every year group has something to play for. Year 7s haven’t really had an induction year to secondary school, year 8 didn’t last year, year 9 pupils have got important choices to make with GCSEs next year.”

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MPs call on Government to consider closing schools early as Islington orders shutdown

“You can’t say on a Monday for schools to close on Tuesday. It’s just ridiculous. You have to think about the wellbeing of all the students.”

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Teachers will not have to test pupils for Covid-19 themselves, says schools minister Nick Gibb

“The timing of this [testing] announcement is very bad. We are still waiting on details about whether this will be compulsory or just strongly encouraged and the logistics of how it is all going to work”

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Headteachers defy unions and say schools must stay open during lockdown as fiasco over GCSEs grows

“It would be devastating for them to close. We have lots of young people living in social deprivation. Locking them away for four weeks is not in their best interests.”

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Don’t relax school standards in the autumn, leading headteacher warns

Children returning to school in September should be held to the same high standards as before lockdown because they need a sense of normality, a leading headteacher said today.

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London school allows pupils to restart sixth form due to coronavirus crisis

A London school is to allow its year 12 students to start sixth form again because of the turmoil the coronavirus has caused.

Fulham Boys School announced the step today, which will see some boys staying at school until they are nearly 20.

Headmaster Alun Ebenezer said he made the decision because “unprecedented times require unprecedented action.”

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'Why the free school policy is failing'

This leader has set up, and now runs, a successful free school - and yet he warns that the programme has lost its way.

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'At this critical moment, we must examine the role of faith schools in encouraging radical thinking'

As the headmaster of a Church of England school, focussed on teaching young minds to think for themselves, I believe that this is a critical moment to examine the role of faith-based education in encouraging radical thinking.

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Under the knife

"Knives. They can do incredible good or devastating harm. In the hand of a surgeon they can save a life, while, as we have seen in London over the last few weeks, in the hands of another they can bring life to an end."

Alun Ebenezer, headmaster of The Fulham Boys School, discusses rising knife crime.

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Education - A clarion call for Christians to impact education

It is because education is so influential that many Christians are anxious today about sending their children to state schools. They are worried what they will be taught flies in the face of biblical Christianity and frightened of the ungodly influences that will surround their children as society moves ever further away from God.

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Like us, Jesus had to grow up too

Growing up in today’s world is hard. It’s a time of big changes. Hormones kick in and there’s the strain of having to contend with social media, peer pressure, the need to be cool, exam stress, insecurity and society’s relentless demand to be successful. It can all seem a bit much and young people can feel that no one knows, as Amy McDonald sung, ‘a single thing about the youth of today’.

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And they crucified him

Cicero, the Roman writer, declared crucifixion to be the most cruel and shameful of all punishments. It was reserved for the grossest crimes and for slaves. It had the stigma of disgrace attached to it (Galatians 3:13; 5:11; Hebrews 12:2).

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Running a school today?

Not a week goes by, it seems, without a faith school, or the subject of education and faith, hitting the headlines.

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Until we meet again

A message from a headmaster to his pupils

We are living through incredible times. So much so, that our schools have closed to nearly all of their pupils without any of us knowing when we will meet again. Here are twelve pieces of advice from me, a headmaster, to you, my pupils, for you to take away and hold onto during the tumultuous months ahead.

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Tomorrow’s leaders must come from outside gilded cage of fee-paying schools

There's more than one sort of independent school and it's the independence, rather than fees, that will set children up better for tomorrow's world. As recently reported, top fee-paying schools may be pricing themselves beyond the reach of their traditional core of middle class professionals, but there’s something they promise that parents keep paying for.

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The CofE’s school hymns guidance panders to populism

Church schools have a duty to be distinctive and offer parents and pupils real choice, says headteacher Alun Ebenezer


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