Alun Ebenezer

Alun Ebenezer is the Headmaster of The Fulham Boys School. He has over twenty years’ experience gained in five secondary schools, including five years as Headmaster, six years at senior leadership level and six years at middle leadership level. He has an MA in Education Leadership and has experience of leading INSET and speaking at conferences. 


“I firmly believe in our brand of education and am looking forward to working with local groups in establishing more schools that are built upon the Christian faith, nurture enterprise and recognise that boys and girls are different”

Promoted throughout his career, from classroom teacher to assistant head of year, head of year, head of upper school, assistant headteacher, deputy headteacher and now headmaster, he has taught in tough inner city schools, deprived valley schools, a Haberdasher school, outstanding schools, single sex schools and co-ed schools.

He has a proven track record of raising standards and school improvement and have shown the ability to consistently deliver results. At Treorchy he played a leading role in the school achieving 15 out of 15 excellent grades in an ESTYN inspection. The first school in Wales to achieve this.

Together with the founders, he set up The Fulham Boys School from scratch. The school opened in September 2014 and is an independent, government funded school. It is geared towards Boys, built upon the Christian faith and nurtures Enterprise – business, personal and social.

As well as being the Headmaster of The Fulham Boys School, is also a governor at the Bede Academy and sits on the board for Christian Concern for Education. He is a speaker and the author of two books published by The Evangelical Press: ‘Revelation’ and ‘And they Crucified him’. He has also written articles for the Mail, Telegraph and Times Educational Supplement and write a regular Headmaster's blog.

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Pupils must be free to question everything

As headmaster of The Fulham Boys School, a Church of England free school in West London, I heartily agree that such extremists should be tackled. However, I have no time for a muscular liberalism that appears to be holding the megaphone on social media.

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'Why the free school policy is failing'

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'At this critical moment, we must examine the role of faith schools in encouraging radical thinking'

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Education - A clarion call for Christians to impact education

It is because education is so influential that many Christians are anxious today about sending their children to state schools. They are worried what they will be taught flies in the face of biblical Christianity and frightened of the ungodly influences that will surround their children as society moves ever further away from God.

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Under the knife

"Knives. They can do incredible good or devastating harm. In the hand of a surgeon they can save a life, while, as we have seen in London over the last few weeks, in the hands of another they can bring life to an end."

Alun Ebenezer, headmaster of The Fulham Boys School, discusses rising knife crime.

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