Governance Structure

Member Authority and Purpose

  • Approval of amendments to Articles and Objectives
  • Adoption of Accounts
  • Adoption of Auditors

Members of the Trust composition
The proposed Members protect the three pillars for the MAT: Faith, Education, Enterprise:

  • The London Diocean Board for Schools (Education)
  • Rico Tice
  • Dan Walker

There will be two additional Members to protect the over-arching vision of the Trust.

Board of Trustees Authority and Purpose

  • Appoint MAT Executive Team
  • Approve remuneration of MAT team
  • Strategic Direction of the MAT
  • Approval of budget for MAT
  • Recommendation of changes to Articles and Objects
  • Six Trustees plus one representing each Local Advisory Board (up to a maximum of 4)
  • Ensure proper audit arrangements are in place for MAT
  • Consideration will be given to one Member being represented as a Trustee
  • Ensure that the staff workload and wellbeing strategy is implemented.

Board of Trustees composition
It is expected that as FBS transitions from a SAT to a MAT some of the existing Trustees will join the MAT Board with other FBS Trustees remaining on the Local Governing Body of The Fulham Boys School. Once the MAT receives formal approval, the recruitment process will commence in earnest to address any skills gaps. A number of local business individuals have been approached with a view to joining the Board once the go ahead is received.

It is expected that the Chairs of the Local Governing Bodies of MAT schools will join the Board of Trustees up to a maximum of 4 schools after which LAB views will be taken into account via LAB representatives.

The CEO of the MAT Executive Team will sit on the Board in an ex-officio capacity and the MAT Finance Director will attend Board meetings to report on finance and governance matters in a non-voting capacity.

The existing Board of Trustees of FBS is diverse with those who are of faith and none and the make-up of the MAT Board will ensure diversity in this regard.

Finance & Resources & Personnel Committee (including Legal)
This committee will normally meet at least once each term and its responsibilities are:

  • To support the board of trustees in ensuring that a framework is established and maintained for optimising the employment of all the resources available to The Trust to enable it to meet its business and financial objectives. 
  • To ensure that the Trust’s framework of financial planning, treasury management, systems and enable the proper management of the financial resources within the organisation 
  • To develop strategies for the employment of staff, communications, procurement, value for money and facilities management. 
  • To support the board of trustees in providing an added level of scrutiny in the monitoring of financial performance across the federation and the performance of other central and support services. 
  • To keep the board of trustees regularly informed of the committee’s activities and key decisions. 
  • To monitor and assess the internal controls of The Trust to ensure that the trust as a whole is operating at appropriate levels of risk and in compliance with the Code of Audit Practice. 
  • To take responsibility for external and internal audit matters, oversee the work programme and performance quality of the internal and external audit services. 
  • To support the board of trustees in ensuring that a framework is established and maintained for the identification and management of risk 
  • To support the board of trustees in providing an added level of scrutiny in the monitoring of internal and external audit matters, risk management, fraud prevention and detection, and internal controls and health and safety. 
  • To keep the board of trustees regularly informed of the committee’s activities and key decisions.

Ethos, Quality of Education and Standards

  • To implement the priorities set out in the MAT’s Strategic Plan 
  • To prepare reports for the Board 
  • To prioritise school to school improvement 
  • To ensure the founding ethos is brought alive in each school which is a part of the family

It is proposed that Head teachers of all schools which are part of the MAT family of schools will sit on this committee initially. Should the MAT expand significantly, membership will be reviewed to ensure continued representation via one school or a group of schools.

MAT Executive Team and Purpose

  • Operational leadership & stewardship of the MAT
  • Review operational and financial performance of each school
  • Reports to Trustees of MAT
  • Appointment of all senior leadership roles

MAT Executive Team composition
The MAT Executive Team will provide core central services to the MAT and will expand proportionately with the expansion of the MAT. Initially the MAT team will comprise the CEO / Executive Headmaster, Head of Finance and Operations and drawing on other resources as may be required to support operations.

The Role of the CEO/Executive Headmaster
The Alternative Provision wing will be part of The Fulham Boys School family of schools.  The Executive Headmaster/CEO of the Trust will:

  • LGBs produce summary reports for the Trust’s committees which are presented by the CEO. 
  • CEO produces summary reports on all schools for the Trust based on LABs summary reports including the Alternative Provision wing.
  • Be involved in the appointment of the Head of School and the recruitment of staff.
  • Work with the Head of School on self evaluation and development planning. 
  • Meet regularly with the Head of School to go through: Ethos, Standards, Pupil issues, Staffing issues, Review and Development, Pupil progress, Assessment, Curriculum and Co-curriculum, and Teaching and Learning. 
  • Visit the school every half term to lead a whole school assembly to reinforce the vision, ethos and commitment to high standards, and then visit lessons, co curricular clubs and walk around breaktimes and lunchtimes to see the school living out the vision, ethos and high standards.
  • Spend one day per week focussing on the Alternative Provision wing in the early stages 

Local Governing Body Authority and Purpose

  • Report to MAT Trustees
  • Oversight of strategic direction of school – in line with that set by MAT
  • Community representation
  • One representative to sit on Trustees of MAT

The LGB meets six times a year and its responsibilities are: 

  • Help the Trustees, Head Teacher and senior leadership team to set high standards by planning for the school’s future and setting performance targets 
  • Monitor the effectiveness of the school provision including student outcomes, management of financial, physical and human resources, performance against targets 
  • Act as a critical friend to the Head Teacher and senior leadership team, offering support and advice. 
  • Help the school respond to the needs of parents and the community.
  • Help make the school be open and accountable to the public for what it does.
  • Work with the school on planning, developing policies and keeping provision under review 
  • Exercise the responsibilities and powers delegated to it by the directors in partnership with the Head Teacher and staff. The FBS MAT will evolve to a family of secondary and primary schools with a common aim to inspire the imaginations of its students, to support them to develop in ways which stand them in good stead for their future lives and responsibilities.

The sub-Committees of the LGB would be determined and appointed by the LGB for each school dependent on local needs. However, each school would be expected to be embedded in the community it serves, particularly to deliver on the enterprise pillar and a full sporting and co-curricular programme, tailored for facilities available in a particular area. 

Local Governing Body composition
The Local Governing Body will be constituted from the key drivers behind the SCHOOL’S NAME founders. Further recruitment from parents and local community and faith groups to be achieved in time for opening. It is envisaged that the Local Authority will be represented to ensure the school meets local needs which will continue to evolve.

Working in Partnership
We aim for our parents, students, staff and trustees to create a powerful partnership to ensure every student is expected to achieve highly. Our core aims are highlighted below:

  • To value each member of the school community, by trusting, supporting and treating each other with dignity and respect. 
  • Our shared ethos and values will ensure that children are safe, healthy, positively contribute to their whole community, and achieve economic and academic well-being in adult life. 
  • Achieve excellence for all students so that they make good progress, and they are able to make informed choices, solve problems and make good decisions.
  • To ensure that all students thrive in school by raising aspirations and tackling disadvantage. 
  • Learning is central and will be stretching, rewarding and engaging. All students will be given the opportunity to grow personally, academically, socially and spiritually.
  • Ensure positive relationships with our local community and employers.

New Schools joining in the MAT
Any new school joining our MAT will be reviewed for financial viability, and only those that can fit the vision of the Trustees will be taken on.  The Senior Leadership Team of FBS have grown and re-trained to establish the expertise to do the appropriate due diligence on any proposition to open new schools or sponsor existing ones.  

Financial Management
All the costs associated with the MAT will be shared across all schools and charged in line with time spent by the management team of the MAT in running those schools.  Costs will not be allocated to individual schools when they are used to support the strategic direction of the MAT rather than individual schools.  As much as possible, support services will be held within the MAT to make the maximum use of economies of scale and to ensure the maximum value for money. A Top Slicing Policy and Scheme of Delegation from the proposed MAT has been prepared.

The MAT Finance Director is an experienced school finance leader with significant financial management and leadership expertise in industry.

Accounting Officer (CEO)
The Accounting Officer takes personal responsibility for assuring the board that there is compliance with the Financial Handbook, the Funding Agreement and all relevant aspects of company and charitable law. This cannot be delegated. 

The Accounting Officer also has specific responsibilities for financial matters i.e. personally responsible to DfE and ESFA for the resources under their control and must be able to assure DfE and public of high standards of probity. 

Internal Control
The School will operate on a robust and tried financial system, managed by the MAT’s Resources & Legal Committee that takes into account the needs of the school, and its reporting requirements as a charitable company.
The Resources & Legal Committee will approve a full set of financial policies and procedures. Annual accounts will be audited and approved by the MAT, and published and filed at Companies House.

The Local Governing Body will meet at least once a term. 

The school’s commitment to its co-curricular programme is evidenced by a local ‘Community Committee’ which will comprise of members of the school community and parents and community leaders with an interest in sport, representative from local sport groups, business forums and committed to providing a comprehensive co-curricular programme, relevant and tailored to the community it serves. The Community Committee will be Chaired by a member of the LGB.

The Education committee will also be chaired by a member of the LGB and will include representatives from local community groups, primary schools and the business community. 
Whilst having a shared ethos and all the advantages of a central function, these committees ensure the school will be embedded in the community it serves, with a unique personality.

Conflicts of Interest
There are not currently any business interests of the trusts and the core group which pose any conflict of interest to the application.
Alexander Wade, Chairman of FBS Trustees, is married to Sophia Wade, a co-Founder of FBS. It is expected that Sophia will step down as a Member on conversion to a MAT and focus on support to FBS in a parent capacity.

Should any conflicts of interest arise in the future, these will be dealt with in accordance with the prevailing guidelines at the time.

Related Party Transactions
There are no plans in place to procure services in the set up of SCHOOL NAME from any person or persons connected with the local group or the FBS MAT.

The Executive Headmaster will be Alun Ebenezer, CEO/Executive Headmaster of The Fulham Boys School. A job description is available which outlines the role.