Our Plan

Raising children’s aspirations from the very start of their school journey through a seamless learning journey and shared vision of what pupils will leave having learnt.

Enhancement of curriculum opportunities - subject to location, we can have increased subject range and co-curriculum activities, particularly music and performing arts.

Practical benefits of a multi-academy trust being a part of Charles Spurgeon Schools, will ensure schools benefit from:

  • Financial economies of scale - operating as a MAT would allow the opportunity to share support costs across several schools. This should improve value for money, and allow schools to recruit the type of highly experienced staff that smaller organisation might struggle to attract.
  • Career opportunities for staff - taking on more schools will provide opportunities for staff to move between schools, and will allow for career progression to senior roles, with clear paths for development and establishing subject leadership roles. This should aid retention of both knowledge and capacity, and create a pool of talent for the MAT to draw on.
  • Moderation and standardisation of work - sharing of pupil data and information can help identify performance gaps and improve outcomes for pupils, establishing common ways of working

Our plans are supported by the London Diocesan Board for Schools and are being spearheaded by Alun Ebenezer, Headmaster at The Fulham Boys School, and Alexander Wade, its Chairman of Governors.

A Thoroughly Christian Education

Through the application of our Christian values, mutual respect, supportive pastoral care and inspirational teaching, we will help every pupil to find their unique talent and realise it, for the benefit of all.

No Child Left Behind

Though the generational changes between students of this decade and the previous one are staggering, few educational models take these into account.

Together with skyrocketing pupil-instructor ratios, many students are being left behind in the rush to graduate students without properly ensuring students are ready for the next stage of life. It is the desire of Charles Spurgeon School that no child is left behind in his education.

With our focus on smaller classes and personal attention for every student, we seek to ensure that each and every pupil will receive the education that he or she needs for their next phase of life.

While we would never desire that Charles Spurgeon School be a school only for Christian pupils or those who belong to a particular denomination, our desire is that students be taught the value of the Christian faith. Incorporated in that is a desire to affirm British values, because together these values instill a sense of purpose of belonging in the world. 

Though we believe that the teachings of Christianity stand far and above all other religions, we recognize that we can learn form others as well. The teaching of these values will lead a student to understand his place in the world. These values lead us to walk a higher path, above frivolities of life which can drag us down. We seek to teach these values to Christian and non-Christian alike, with no expectation that the non-Christian would be forced to become Christian.