Schools We Support

We wish to assist other Free School groups to open local schools, and become the ‘academy provider’ to existing schools attracted by the independence offered by becoming academies.

Cornerstone School

Building our community with Love, Forgiveness and Hope and Growing an Inspirational Learning Community.

Thomas Cromwell School

Our school will be built upon the Christian faith, nurture enterprise and bring out the best in boys and girls.

Hugh Latimer School

Boys and Girls, Faith and Enterprise, which is outstanding in all aspects. Hugh Latimer School will nurture students of every background to fulfill their potential. 

A school for SE Wales

An exciting new school for South East Wales, striving for academic excellence through nurturing the whole child, building knowledge, skills and character.

SE Wales: Find out more

Shared Ethos

A Thorughly Christian Education

While we would never desire that the Charles Spurgeon School be a school only for Christian pupils or those who belong to a particular denomination, our desire is that students be taught the value of the Christian faith.

Incorporated in that is a desire to affirm British values, because together these values instill a sense of purpose and belonging in the world.