Chapter 1: Vision for Education

1. The Vision
To establish the best schools in the country built upon (1) The Christian Faith (2) Enterprise (3) Bringing out the Best in children.

2. The Executive Headmaster of The Fulham Boys School
2.1 Alun Ebenezer is the CEO/Executive Headmaster, and the founding Headmaster, of The Fulham Boys School (FBS). Together with the Founders, he set up FBS from scratch.

2.2 Alun has over 23 years’ experience gained in five secondary schools, including 13 years at senior leadership level. He has taught in tough inner city schools, deprived valley schools, a Haberdasher school, outstanding schools, single sex schools and co-ed schools. He has a proven track record of raising standards and school improvement, and has consistently delivered results. At Treorchy Comprehensive School he played a leading role in the school achieving 15 out of 15 excellent grades in an ESTYN inspection - the first school in Wales to achieve this.

2.3 He is experienced in leading INSET and speaks extensively at schools, churches, universities and conferences. He has written three books, as well as articles for The Times, Evening Standard, Daily Mail, Daily Telegraph and the Times Educational Supplement, as well as Evangelicals Now, Evangelical Times, Evangelical Magazine and the Banner of Truth. He writes a regular Headmaster’s blog and has featured on ITV, the BBC News and the Radio 4 Analysis programme about ‘The problem with boys.’

3. Our Vision
3.1 Proverbs 29.18 says, ‘Where there is no vision, the people perish.’ If you want to achieve something special, get the best out of people, they must see ‘it’, buy into ‘it’’, be prepared to run through brick walls for ‘it’. So before telling people what you want them to do and how you want them to do it, you must show them why. According to Antoine de Sainte:

“If you want people to build a ship, don’t drum up people to collect wood and don’t assign them tasks and work…but rather teach them to long for the endless immensity of the sea.”

3.2 Our vision at Fulham Boys School has always been to become the best school in the country based on the three core pillars of (1) the Christian Faith (2) Enterprise and (3) Boys.

3.3 What we aim to do now is to partner with existing schools who share our vision in order to become a MultiAcademy Trust and to establish new schools founded on the same vision.

3.4 We want every pupil, parent, member of staff, school, local governor, trustee and supporter to understand and believe in the vision. So when the photocopier is not working, cover is heavy, ownwork (our term for homework) mounts up, there is a school fair to organise, meetings to attend, it is November and we all have colds, and are tired and fed up, we keep the vision before us. We believe it is the main reason why at FBS, our staff retention rates are incredible, nearly all our parents are supportive and most are fully engaged, governors are totally committed and the school is heavily oversubscribed.

4. What makes up the vision? 7 things:
1. Goal
2. Cooperatives
3. Multi-Academy Trust
4. Services
5. Training
6. Global
7. Voice
4.1 Goal

Our pledge, and unflinching resolve, is to establish some of the best schools in this country, state or private. They will be established on three pillars: (1) built upon the Christian faith (2) nurturing enterprise (personal, social and business) and (3) geared towards bringing out the best in every boy and girl; transforming their lives, irrespective of their postcode, culture, colour of their skin, how much their parents have in the bank or any particular need or characteristic they may have.

4.2 Co-operatives
All our schools will be cooperatives, at the heart of their localities: pupils, parents, staff, local governors and the wider community. Everyone will be expected to buy in and invest - giving their time, sharing their talents, even their money - and be accountable to each other. Our schools will be more than just schools.

4.3 Multi-Academy Trust (MAT)
The aim is to set up many schools across the country - secondary and primary, single sex and mixed, private and state - as well as to bring schools into our MAT who share our vision and ethos.

4.4 Services
We offer and share the things we do well and believe in with others. We want to help individual teachers working outside our Trust who share our vision and ethos, as well as schools who need our support.

4.5 Training
In time, as we grow, we aim to provide a training programme for people who want to work at our schools, and for this training to be accredited.

4.6 Global
In line with our Christian ethos and our commitment to social enterprise, we want to train and support teachers and schools with a similar ethos to ours in other countries. This will also provide exciting career opportunities and experiences for our staff.

4.7 Voice
We feel it is our duty to speak up and speak out about our distinctive approach to education. We believe passionately in our ethos and are determined for it to change, influence and impact education nationally.